Pest Information

We have a lot more in common with insects and rodents than one would think. But it comes down to three essential factors: Food, water and shelter. Awareness is Prevention. There is a lot you can do prevent a casual invasion from becoming a major infestation. Quite often, insects and rodents are entering the same way you are, through a door. From the seal on the garage door to the seals on entry doors and windows, if there is a way in, chances are an insect or rodent will find it and use it.

Helpful Tips:

  • Caulk and seal gaps when you come across them.
  • Inspect screens yearly.
  • Store wood piles away from the structure.
  • Keep tree branches trimmed a minimum of six feet from the structure.
  • Keep all stored food of any kind in tight sealed containers, particularly pet food and bird seed.
  • Keep pet and bird water sources clean.
  • When you come across insect activity inside the home or in the garage, such as spiders, vacuum them up. Be sure to get all visible egg sacks and webbing too! This is a very effective way at keeping things under control.

Spring & Fall Preventative Maintenance Program – An exterior application, performed twice a year, on the structure(s).

The structure is swept thoroughly and the entire surface is power sprayed with a no-odor chemical that controls any existing insect activity and prevents most flying, crawling and ground dwelling insects from invading the structure for a few months at a time. Depending on the structural and environmental conditions, additional treatments or recommendations may be offered for the best long term results of any application. No services are performed without authorization.

Interior applications – can be performed at any time or for a small charge if performed at the same time for your exterior application. While it is our goal to keep things under control from the outside, it is at times necessary to treat indoors to effectively resolve the issue.


Pest Identification

When in doubt…we’ll check it out! Send us a picture or stop by the office and one of our experts will gladly help.

Yard Sprays

Perimeter Yard Sprays are an affordable short term solution, with a highly effective result. These sprays are designed to control insects such as mosquitoes, yet will eradicate any other lurking insects that may be harboring in surrounding bushes, shrubbery and foliage. Yard Sprays are great for Graduation Parties, Picnics, Weddings, or just for some relief to be able to enjoy being outdoors when activity levels are high.

Pest Inspections

Pest Inspections or Wood Destroying Insect Inspections are performed for various reasons. Many Financial Institutions require these inspections prior to the sale of the home. Sometimes during a general home inspection, evidence will warrant an inspection from one of our professionals. Whatever the circumstances, we can perform these inspections and provide the results with recommendations (if any) on the same day.

Aquatic Weed and Pest Control

Aquatic Weed, Milfoil and various related services are provided. We work directly with you and the DEQ.

More Information

To learn more about some of the common pests we often provide services for, please choose a link from below.


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