Bees / Hornets / Wasps / Yellow Jackets

Knowing what you are dealing with is always helpful.

Honey Bees

If you suspect that you have a colony of honey bees, call a professional. Only an experienced Pest Control Professional or Beekeeper should handle these colonies as they can be quite large. The Honey Bee by nature is not aggressive, but if threatened, they can become so. The best outcome is when the Queen can be safely relocated to continue her work where there is no longer a threat to you or your home.


Hornets, Wasps, Yellow Jackets

These aggressive, stinging insects, each of which there are many types of. Some hornets will build visible nests in tree branches or hanging off from structure, while wasps and yellow jackets are capable of building in the not so obvious or visible places (like under siding and behind shutters). Some capable of building nests in the ground only to be detected after a dreadful attack. A large number of these nests can be controlled with a preventative spray applied to the structure in the spring or early summer.